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Choreographer: Maurice Causey 
Music: Musica Ricercata 
Composer: György Ligeti
Order of Music for WE GOT THE BEAT
Música Ricercata: I. Sósenuto - Misurato - Prestissimo
Música Ricercata: II. Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale
Música Ricercata: III. Allegro con spirito
Música Ricercata: V. Rubato. Lamentosó
Música Ricercata: VI. Allegro molto capricciosó
Música Ricercata: X. Vivace. Capricciosó
Música Ricercata: VIII. Vivace. Energico
Música Ricercata: VII. Cantabilê, molto legato
Costume: Maurice Causey
Premiered on 10 November 2016 at Newbiggin Maritime Centre 
Funded and Supported by Arts Council England
Commissioned by Eliot Smith Dance

The main inspiration for the dance work is the music Musica Ricercata composed by Gyorgy Ligeti. It is a fresh dance' visual interpretation of the music. The dancers connect rhythmically and interact emotionally with playful and dynamic solos, duets and trios.

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