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Choreographer: Lorenzo Pagano 
Music: Submerged (Trade Winds) by Natasha Barret and Night (Lost Themes) by John Carpenter
Costume: Lorenzo Pagano 
Premiered on 19 August 2016 at Billingham Forum Theatre as part of Billingham International Folklore Festival 2016
Funded and Supported by 35 Backers. Special thank you to; Mr. Kenneth Tharp, Mr. David Embleton Young, Mr. Robert Crane, Barre Crew, Mrs. Stanley Alan Jacques, Mrs. Florence Steward, Mr. Owen Smith, Mrs. Alison Stenning, Mrs. Catherine Buyse, Mr. Dominic White, Mr. Adam Scown, Mr. Thomas Zuani and Mrs. Chi Onwurah
Eliot Smith Dance acknowledge the support from Mrs. Simony Denegri and Dance City
Commissioned by Eliot Smith Dance

Interrupted Souls is a solo work, born from the idea of human experience; the fabric - black, tight against the face.

The dancer, writhing, ensconced in black, the sudden stillness as an arm appears and drops. Soul interrupted.

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