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Choreographer: Eliot Smith 
Order of Music:
If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis 
Hear the Voice and Prayer by Thomas Tallis 
Debussy: String Quartet (Assez Vif Et bien Rythme) [Henrick Schwarz Rework] by Henrick Schwarz & radio.string.quartet – Re:Works 
Costume: Eliot Smith
Premiered on 19 January 2019 at The Bowes Museum
Eliot Smith Dance acknowledges the support from The Bowes Centre, The Bowes Museum and Arts Council England.

Eliot Smith describes the work:


The Bowes Museum embodies the very spirit of its founders; John and Josephine Bowes. Their lives and passion for the arts are captured forever in the many galleries of the Museum. 


Sadly, both John and Josephine Bowes died without seeing the museum opened. It did open in 1892, and their legacy continues to reward and inspire its many visitors.


The life of John and Josephine Bowes and their love for the arts, intertwined with the magnificent architecture of the building and its French chateau style and the striking landscapes of the surrounding countryside provide the inspiration for In Plain Movement.  


Various pieces of music intersperse with silences to reflect the differing responses to individual collections, paintings or settings. 

Experiencing movement from a different perspective has influenced the genesis and development of the piece, by bringing observation, energy and sometimes humour to the rehearsal process. Ultimately, the work has provided fresh inspiration for my choreography, through working in the new environment of this renowned museum, allowing me to explore further how dance can illuminate heritage, as well as helping me to pursue my ongoing research to formulate a new dance movement. 


In Plain Movement has led me to explore the link between art in all its diverse forms and to exult in the Bowes internationally renowned collections of European fine and decorative arts (spanning five centuries). Through the medium of dance it is possible to bring visitors to the museum to experience at close hand the vitality and excitement of actual performance.  

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