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 Photo: Jeremy Henderson

ESD Presents is a biennial dance event produced by Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) – the aim to inform, celebrate, and encourage creative debate behind the most influential dance makers.

Since 2021, ESD has presented, Martha Graham in partnership with the Martha Graham Dance Company (2021) and Paul Taylor in partnership with Paul Taylor Dance Company (2023) at Newcastle College, Performance Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

The events offer opportunities for dancers-in-training and dance professionals to participate in a unique one-week dance intensive, and for children, young people and adults to participate in dance workshops, forums, lectures and performance.

In 2025 from 28 July - 04 August hosted at Dance City, ESD Presents Robert Cohan in partnership with Sir Robert Cohan Dance Legacy

Sir Robert Paul Cohan CBE was born in New York in 1925, and joined the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1947 and moved to London in 1968 to assume the role of founding Artistic Director of The Place and the London Contemporary Dance Theatre, consequently changing the course of British dance forever. He was a passionate advocate and ambassador for contemporary dance and worked tirelessly to develop and expand audiences for dance around the world. He nurtured multiple generations of dancers and choreographers and his works continue to inspire.

Further details of the event will be announced in autumn 2024.


Robert Cohan

Photo by Anthony Crickmay.

Photo courtesy of Sir Robert Cohan Dance Legacy

“His importance and influence is almost incalculable.”

- Debra Craine, chief dance critic of The London Times


“Dance can and should be in some way cathartic. It can speak to you.This is what I've tried to do. Even if it's simple.”

- Robert Cohan

26 July - 01 August 2021

Martha Graham in Herodiade

Photo by Cris Alexander. Photo courtesy of Martha Graham Resources

pt11 Jack Mitchell.jpg
10 - 16 July 2023

Paul Taylor

Photo: Jack Mitchell

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