Welcome to ESD Presents, a new and exciting annual dance event produced by Eliot Smith Dance (ESD).


Each unique week-long program shines a spotlight on different iconic dance figures and includes a variety of inspiring talks, exhilarating practical sessions, performance opportunities and more!


Join us for our much-anticipated 2021 virtual program, ESD Presents Martha Graham, 26 - 31 July, where we will explore and celebrate the legacy of one of the most influential and creative minds in dance history.


We are delighted to present this year’s digital program in collaboration with Martha Graham Resources (Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance / Martha Graham Dance Company).

Martha Graham

Martha Graham is recognised as one of the greatest and most impactful artists of the 20th Century, alongside Picasso, James Joyce, Stravinsky and Frank Lloyd Wright.


An American modern dancer and prolific choreographer, Graham revolutionised dance as an art form. Her extraordinary legacy includes the creation of her own dance technique which has been taught extensively across the globe and continues to influence dance and the broader arts today. 


As participants of the ESD Presents Martha Graham Professional Intensive, you will get the incredible opportunity to train with former dancers of the Martha Graham Dance Company: to study Martha Graham Technique™ and learn Graham repertory directly from these masters. 


Visit marthagraham.org/history to learn more about Graham. 

Community Program


Credit Jeff Crovatta | Dance Artist Blakeley White-McGuire 


Martha Graham in Herodiade. Photo by Cris Alexander

Photo courtesy of Martha Graham Resources

Professional Intensive


Credit Christopher Jones | Dance Artist Blakeley White-McGuire | Martha Graham's Errand into the Maze

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