As we approach the end of 2022 – a mixture of challenges and achievements – we look forward to welcoming 2023 but with caution as we continue the cost of living crisis and how it might impact ESD in the New Year.

Nevertheless, ESD has been able to deliver diverse activities in 2022, some of them include: performing to audiences in their hundreds in rural towns, villages and cities across the North of England; collaborating and partnering with other dance and arts related companies, choreographers, dancers and artists across England; and hosting a summer intensive for dance students and professionals.

ESD has enjoyed taking part in various events and campaigns including What a Wonderful World Festival, Pride Month, The Great Big Green Week, The Big Culture Northumberland Co-working Day, Green Heart Collective and The British and International Federation of Festival annual conference.

During the past 12 months, hundreds of children, young people and adults engaged in multiple workshops and curtain raisers at ESD, to explore one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change and its impact on the environment.

This year has also included ESD moving into a larger office space in Gateshead with support from Gateway Studios, welcoming ESD's first composer in residence Adam Johnson, winning the first-ever "The Green Dance Award" at the One Dance UK Awards 2022, and raising £100 to support vulnerable people in Ukraine, impacted by the war.

All of us at ESD are very grateful to those who have supported our projects and activities in 2022 including Arts Council England, Community Foundation, Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, Woodhorn Museum, the Friends of ESD and supportive individuals on our kickstarter and crowdfunders. 

As we come to the end of 2022 and to recognise the vital work we do at ESD, please make a gift this festive season so that ESD can continue creating unforgettable contemporary dance experiences in 2023. Thank you for your support!

Season's Greetings.

Eliot Smith  
Creative Director

Trace Yeames (ESD Dancer | Spring 2022) Photographer Chris Davis


Whether you feel able to give £10, £100, £1000 or more as a one-off gift, all donations are gratefully received and will help to support ESD now.

Examples of where your money might help include:


  • £50 pays for refreshments for participants during community outreach work;


  • £125 pays for one month's rent for ESD office space in Gateshead and other overheads;


  • £250 pays for a half day dance workshop for young people;


  • £1,000 pays for residency with a new choreographer.

To make a one-time gift, please click on the donation button below. If you wish to pay via an alternative method, please contact us at