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ESD reflects on

autumn 2022 season

December 2022

'We wanted to provide children, young people and adults in the community the opportunity to dance greener!' - Eliot Smith

Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) finds itself increasingly taking its work to communities and thus enabling participants for whom dance is new and invigorating to experience the creativity it can bring. This approach, which is inclusive, recognises different ages, abilities, talent and degrees of fitness.

From September to November 2022, ESD delivered multiple dance workshops to 20 primary school children including 10 young people and adults who do not have access to contemporary dance and might face numerous disadvantages, their first opportunity to engage creatively with contemporary dance, connecting closely with one of the biggest challenges of our time: the effect of "Fast Fashion" on climate change and its impact on the environment. The result was a short theatrical performance​s​, Fashion This!

The workshops provided participants in the community to be active, be creative, and is a confidence-building experience, with the added benefit of meeting friends and working with supportive professional dancers based in their community. 

'Helped my self confidence and conditions of mental health and educating myself and others on climate change.'

- Dawn, Participant from Converge

The project aimed to broaden and diversify children and young people living in Newcastle and the surrounding areas with potential in contemporary and other styles of dance, to provide pathways to nurture and develop new talent whilst learning about climate change and making their community greener.

'​Even greater enthusiasm for dance, Orla said it was one of the best experiences of her life and that she wants to be a professional dancer.'

- ​Parent/Guardian​ of Dance Participant

In 2023/24, ESD aim to widen its reach by delivering similar projects in areas beyond Newcastle upon Tyne and develop a new youth dance group and a dance group for adults to highlight climate change and the environment.

'Working with Eliot Smith Dance has provided the school and pupils with specialist provision to enhance our curriculum, provided evidence towards our application for the Artsmark award and developed aspirations for our pupils in the future.'

- ​Kathryn Mackenzie, Deputy Head Teacher, St Teresa's Primary School





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