We're overjoyed to share with you about Eliot Smith Dance successfully raised £1,055, more than the minimum £1,000 target, for the Kickstarter campaign to support our upcoming events in 2022. This is a tremendous achievement under the circumstances and bearing in mind the continued financial constraints. 

ESD would like to thank the 37 Backers who pledged their support.

Carol Ainslie   Susan Burns   Sean Brailsford   Judi Davies   Janet Draycott   Sarah Dobinson   John Horsfield   Sue Jenkins   Darren Jootun   Pat Lenneberg   Anthony Loughlin   Alison Maw   Victoria Matthews   Terri Nelson   E. Raby   Allan Riach   Mark Russell   Jeannette Schmid   Dawn Skelton   G&B Smith   David Steele   June Svenson   Rachel​ ​Wicaksono   Chilly   Claudia   Elizabeth   Eve  Giacomo   Kirstie   Leidy   Nathaniel   Yesica   and those who wish to remain Anonymous

Backers keep an eye out for exclusive updates and rewards!