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This explosive performance of mesmerising solos explores the joys, the sorrows, the idiocies, the brilliance of anything human.

From cutting-edge contemporary movement and pumping folklore to exhilarating commercial dancing, this up close and personal solo of brilliant dance will set your heart racing.

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Choreographer Eliot Smith

Dancers Yamit Salazar

Composer Adam Johnson

Property Designer and Costume Eliot Smith

Premiere at Newbiggin Maritime Centre, 26 May 2023

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ESD acknowledge the generous support for Human from:

Anthony Loughlin

June Atkinson

Joan Conn, Danielle Cutler, Phil Derry, Sarah Dobinson, Joel Fleming, Julian Filochowski, Gabriel of Gosforth, John Horsfield, Sue Jenkins, Karen Mathieson, Janet Mawson, Sharon Orta, Rowan Parker, Sandra Peacock, Renzo Pini, Eileen Raby, Ian Raby, Eve Reverchon, Allan Riach, Rosalba Salazar, Frances Thorp, G & B Smith, June Svenson, Carole Wears, Reka Whitehead, Carol Wilson, Helen Winship, Jasmine Woolley, Desmond Wong and those who wish to remain anonymous.

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