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In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), a top story in the news across the world. Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) has refashioned its spring and summer season of activities into a digital form, tailored especially to allow people to continue engaging in and benefiting from dance and culture during self-isolation. 
ESD is delighted to deliver a range of exciting and informative contemporary dance works on its website and social media. These will be delivered by ESD company dancers, guest artists, and collaborators, and at the same time will offer a small income for them, during these challenging times.
Whilst the safety and well-being of our audience, company dancers, collaborators, partners and voluntary staff is of utmost importance to us; ESD will continue to deliver its passion for dance.
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April 2020
Performances //
We are devastated to be unable to continue to perform our dance works for you in theatres and community centres throughout the North of England and beyond. However, we are excited that you will now be able to watch pre-recorded performances from our past and present seasons here online, completely free of charge!
On Red Kites
Choreographer: Eliot Smith 
Available online from 1/4/2020 until 3/4/2020
Froth on the Daydream
Choreographer: Mathieu Geffre
Available online from 6.00pm (BST)
4/4/2020 until 10/4/2020
We Got The Beat
Choreographer: Maurice Causey
Available online from 6.00pm (BST)
11/4/2020 until 17/4/2020 (no viewing on the 12th)
After The Rite
Choreographer: Eliot Smith
Available online from 10.00am (BST)
12/4/2020 - Easter Sunday only
I am not an Indian dancer?
Creator and Director: Balbir Singh
Available online from 6.00pm (BST)
18/4/2020 until 24/4/2020
In Plain Movement
Choreographer: Eliot Smith
Available online from 6.00pm (BST)
25/4/2020 until 1/5/2020
In Plain Movement 2.0
Choreographer: Eliot Smith and Company Dancers
Available online from 6.00pm (BST)
2/5/2020 until 9/5/2020
If you enjoyed the performances, please click here to donate. Every penny will help us continue to create new art and support our company dancers and artists now and in the future. Any donation you can give is hugely appreciated!
Now showing: FROTH ON THE DAYDREAM (Excerpts)
Creatives & Credits
Choreographer: Mathieu Geffre
Dancers: April Martin, Paloma Galiana-Moscardo, Giacomo Pini and Eliot Smith
Music: La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong and Ringing by Nils Frahm
Costume: Mathieu Geffre
Description of work please click here
Premiered on 27 November 2018 at The Sage Gateshead
Commissioned by Eliot Smith Dance
Funded and Supported by Arts Council England and Northumberland Arts Development 
Dance Classes //
Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or an advanced dancer looking to maintain your training, we are live streaming free dance classes on our Instagram channel delivered by our company dancers from the comfort of their homes.
All classes are delivered on ESD's Instagram click here.
Contemporary / Fitness by Yamit Salazar
Wed 1/04/20
10.30am (BST)
Ballet Barre by Gemma Paganelli
Fri 3/04/20
9.30am (BST)
Yoga by Giacomo Pini
Mon 6/04/20
9.30am (BST)
Contemporary by Emma Lane
Wed 8/04/20
6.30pm (BST)
Commercial / Pop Steps by Yamit Salazar
Thur 9/04/20
Midday (BST)
Yoga by Gemma Paganelli
Mon 13/04/20
9.30am (BST)
Ballet Barre by Adam Davies
Wed 15/04/20
10.30am (BST)
Contemporary by Victoria Winter
Fri 17/04/20
11.00am (BST)
Contemporary by Emma Lane
Wed 20/04/20
6.30pm (BST)
Ballet Barre by Thomas Harden
Wed 22/04/20
Midday (BST)
Yoga by Giacomo Pini
Fri 24/04/20
9.30am (BST)
Ballet Barre by Thomas Harden
Mon 27/04/20
11.00am (BST)
Contemporary by Victoria Winter
Wed 29/04/20
11.00am (BST)
Ballet Barre by Adam Davies
Fri 1/05/20
10.30am (BST)
If you enjoyed the classes, please click here to donate. Every penny will help us continue to create new art and support our company dancers and artists now and in the future. Any donation you can give is hugely appreciated!
Photo: Yamit Salazar delivering a Contemporary Dance Class
ESD Online Dance Classes Disclaimer

All participants in Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) online classes, in all of its forms and moves that may be suggested by an ESD dance instructor, is a strenuous physical activity. 

ESD recommend all participants to seek the advice of a physician before learning the moves/choreography shown in any of the video clips on ESD social media channels. 

ESD is not a medical organisation and its instructors or staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis.

All suggestions and comments relating to the moves and choreography are not required to be performed by you and are carried out at your discretion while participating in Eliot Smith Dance dance classes online. 

By participating in ESD's online dance classes you understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical movement, and that such activity carries the risk of injury whether physical or mental.

You understand that it is your responsibility to judge your physical and mental capabilities for such activities being presented in ESD's online dance classes. It is your responsibility to ensure that, by participating in classes and activities, you will not exceed your limits while performing such activity, as well as for any mental or physical conditions and/or limitations you have.
 You understand that, from time to time, instructors may suggest physical adjustments or the use of equipment, and it is your sole responsibility to determine if any such suggested adjustment or equipment is appropriate for your level of ability and physical and mental condition.

Participants hereby agree that you will not hold Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) and its members of faculty, or any other, liable for injuries or illness of any kind, including without limitation its directors, instructors, company dancers, independent contractors, employees, agents, contractors, and representatives.
Community //
Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) are delighted to announce two community dance workshops.
In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), which has forced museums and arts organisations to close, Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) will generate a digital recreation of Eliot Smith's contemporary dance work, In Plain Movement, a 
work inspired by The Bowes Museum’s collections, and embodying the very spirit of its founders; John and Joséphine Bowes. Presented as part of ESD DIGITAL.
Eliot Smith Dance's seven accomplished male and female dancers drawn from the UK and throughout the world will perform extracts from In Plain Movement created in their own homes in a short new film, via social media.
ESD is offering an opportunity for the local and wider community - in particular for people who are self-isolating or people over 50 years old and carers - to participate in an online contemporary dance workshop delivered by two of ESD's professional dancers who performed in the original work. This work will be tailored around the choreographic process of In Plain Movement and will involve a dance class intended to support health, fitness and well-being, and to help develop physical activity during a period of self-isolation. It is our hope that this will encourage people to think creatively about the things that inspire them and to respond in some way.
The workshop(s) will take place on Zoom - a video communication site.
Community Workshop(s):
Thursday 16 April 11.00am - Midday (BST)
delivered by Victoria Winter
Please email your interest at to enrol.
Tuesday 28 April 11.00am - Midday (BST)
delivered by Giacomo Pini
Please email your interest at to enrol.


In Plain Movement
A rehearsal performance of In Plain Movement at The Bowes Museum (pre- recorded from 19 January 2019)
available here online from Saturday 25 April 6.00pm (BST)
In Plain Movement 2.0
A new digital dance work created by ESD Company Dancers, inspired by In Plain Movement available here
online from Saturday 2 May 6.00pm (BST)
​If you enjoyed the participating or watching the performance(s), please click here to donate. Every penny will help us continue to create new art and support our company dancers and artists now and in the future. Any donation you can give is hugely appreciated!
Photo: Giacomo Pini and Victoria Winter in In Plain Movement
Eliot Smith (Artistic Director of Eliot Smith Dance) says
"Whilst the safety and well-being of our audience and company dancers is our primary concern, ESD also wants to continue to deliver on its passion for dance. Involvement in the arts and dance can be a healer, and people of all ages and backgrounds need this more than ever at this stressful time. ESD is here and ready to do its part for the community. ESD acknowledges the support for In Plain Movement 2.0 from an anonymous donor."
Interact - Q&A - Helping the Local Community //
Interact / Q&A's
ESD Company Dancers are interacting with dance lovers and the culturally curious on our social media channels. You are invited to ask any burning questions about ESD's dancers' careers, life at ESD or fitness.
You can send your questions via email at or DM them on our social media channels. 
We hope this supports those who are self-isolating and those who feel lonely.
Giacomo Pini, Company Dancer posted on 3/04/2020
Coming soon: Thomas Harden, Company Dancer on 6/04/2020

Helping the Local Community


Some of ESD Company Dancers are serving their local communities in villages, towns and cities across the world. They will be supporting those most vulnerable by delivering food and ESD dance literature to social housing areas.
We do hope our digital dance programme will be of some support, especially to those who may feel lonely due to self-isolating and being unable to leave their homes in the coming weeks due to the Covid-19 threat.
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