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06 March 2023


We have been on a journey over the last two months to raise much needed funds and we are overjoyed to announce Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) raised an incredible £3,156 on its Crowdfunder campaign.

The funds will support ESD's upcoming spring 2023 season of a new dance work and tour, "Human", performed by one exceptional dancer Yamit Salazar, choreographed to the finest original music by multi prize-winning composer Adam Johnson.

The funds will contribute to ESD's youth project, "Aspire and Undiscovered", at St Mark's RC Primary School in the west of Newcastle upon Tyne. This project will offer the opportunity for 10 children, who do not have access to contemporary dance and might face numerous disadvantages, their first opportunity to engage creatively with contemporary dance. The 8 dance workshops will connect children closely with one of the biggest challenges of our time: the effect of climate change on the environment. The result will be a theatrical live-dance performance at their school on 14 June 2023. ESD acknowledges the additional support for this project by Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust.

There will also be an opportunity for adults living in the North East to participate in an open community dance workshop led by ESD in April 2023. More details will be announced later in March.

To find out more about ESD's upcoming spring season of events, please click here.

We acknowledge these are financially tough times and therefore the donations received from our Crowdfunder supporters: June Atkinson, Joan Conn, Danielle Cutler, Phil Derry, Sarah Dobinson, Joel Fleming, Julian Filochowski, John Horsfield, Sue Jenkins, Anthony Loughlin, Karen Mathieson, Janet Mawson, Sharon Orta, Rowan Parker, Sandra Peacock, Renzo Pini, Eileen Raby, Ian Raby, Eve Reverchon, Allan Riach, Rosalba Salazar, Frances Thorp, G & B Smith, June Svenson, Carole Wears, Reka Whitehead, Carol Wilson, Helen Winship, Jasmine Woolley, Desmond Wong and those who wish to remain anonymous, is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about how to donate directly to ESD please click here.

On behalf of ESD, thank you and we look forward to creating unforgettable contemporary dance experiences that inspire!

Eliot Smith, Creative Director
Eliot Smith Dance

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