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Auditions: Liability Release Waiver Form
By attending Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) auditions (including online) the applicant / dancer recognise and understand the risks of physical injury inherent to dance and dance training and should fully assume those risks, this includes dance studios that might have applicants / dancers items that might cause slip hazards. By participating in an ESD audition, the applicant hereby releases ESD, its workers and its dance teachers from all liability for any injuries sustained while attending or participating in an ESD audition. The dancer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ESD, its workers and dance teachers for liabilities, costs and judgments arising from acts or omissions committed by the applicant / dancer which result in injury or damage to any person or property.


Procedures for applicants / dancers that sustain an injury:

  • The applicant / dancer should inform the teacher / panel as soon as an accident happens:

  1. The dance teacher will ask the applicant / dancer to ​stop dancing and observe or will call 999 if appropriate;

  2. If the applicant / dancer decides to continue participating in the audition it is at their own discretion.

  • If appropriate the teacher / panel will log the injury in the ESD Accident Book with permission of the dancer / applicant.

  • If the applicant / dancer feels they have been mistreated and wish to make a compliant, they should contact Eliot Smith, Creative Director at or the Chair at . Complaints can also be sent by post at Eliot Smith Dance C/o Gateway Studios, High Street, Gateshead, NE8 1EP

Created on 14/02/2012

Updated on 15/10/2022

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