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ESD could not achieve its success without its alumni dancers unique talent and support. At ESD we all appreciate the commitment and passion they have brought into ESD, and they have our grateful thanks forever.

Niamh Creedon-Wilks

Rebecca Hall

Aria Jacobs

Kristin Kelly Abbott

Marina Piniatorou

Tanya Rudzovske

Natasha Wade

Ayman Safiah

Catherine Muckle

Ricardo Cecielo

Christopher Scott

Sooraj Subramaniam

Nicci License

Parsifal James Hurst

Jessica Butler

Alyssa Lisle

Ellis Saul

Carys Applebee

Jennifer Handley

Juliane Bauer

April Martin

Imogen Mansfield

Jack Boswell

Lauriane Nabet

Nicholas Tredera

Paloma Galiana Moscardo

Duncan Anderson

Natasa Demetriadou

Niall Tyzack-Carlin

Thomas Harden

Bisola Bello

Victoria Winter

Dylan Springer

Gemma Paganelli

Sarah Hirsch

Emma Lane

Giacomo Pini

Trace Yeames

Nathan Keenoo

Niki Tsonopoulou

Lian Draycott

Tony Polo

Jacob Gale


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