HOMECOMING  Celebrating 10 Years 

2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of Eliot Smith Dance (ESD). To celebrate, HOMECOMING is a short digital film specially created to acknowledge the many outstanding professional dance artists, choreographers, designers, composers, musicians, film makers, partners, collaborators, and people from the community, that ESD has been fortunate to work with in the past ten years.

The film, set to an original piece of music specially created by Adam Johnson, features fifteen professional dancers who have worked at ESD, dancing short excerpts from ESD’s 10-year (and growing) repertoire, performed in their local villages, towns, and cities across the world.

HOMECOMING will be available to watch for free at Friday 02 July 2021 from 7.00pm (BST).


FRIDAY 02 JULY 2021, 7.00pm (BST)


We are forever grateful to our supporters mentioned below for pledging their generosity in support of ESD's Crowdfunder, 'Celebrating 10 Years of Eliot Smith Dance':

Edwin Arias,  June Atkinson,  Anand Bhatt,  Rowan Julie Brown,  Lizzie Cookson,  Maria Corrales,  Judith Alison Davies,  Julian Filochowski,  Jan Gurney,  Rev Rob Hawkins,  Debra Hill,  Alan Jacques,  Sue Jenkins,  Teresa Kirby,  Heather License,  Anthony Loughlin,  Chris Luke,  Karen Mathieson,  Katie Neal,  Christine Oswald,  Leonardo Palacio,  Caroline Peacock,  Sandra Peacock,  Renzo Pini,  Vee Pollock,  E Raby,  Matthew Rooke,  Susan Rzepczynski,  Johanna Salazar,  Claudia Salazar,  Renson Salazar,  B Smith,  June Svenson,  Rachel Wicaksono,  Marcin Zamojduk,  Des,  Gabriel,  Lyndsay,  Rosalba,  Sergio and Nidia,  Anonymous  and the Newcastle Arts & Culture Fund (Community Foundation).